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Frog Canvas


Frog Canvas


These creatures are often used in poetry and art and are sometimes carried by travelers to make sure they return home safely from their journeys. The word ‘frog’ in Japanese means ‘return’, which is why the frog is considered a...

Fox Design Canvas by Mikhail Anderson


Inspired by the artist Agnes Cecile, Mikhail utilizes splatter technique to contrast the striking realism of the fox at its center for a powerful piece that explodes with intensity. Set the mood in any room with this Mikhail Anderson's Fox canvas print....

Skull Canvas |5x5|


Here "Dowry" showcases Jess's signature black and white realism. Using gouache on watercolor paper, Jess lifts this two-dimensional canvas into a sculpted masterpiece. Decorate your room or any space! The discreet 5 by 5 makes it an ideal item to...

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